Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones (HALO)

Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones (HALO) is a 12-unit holistic health and substance abuse prevention curriculum for children ages 3-6 in child care settings. HALO is designed to address risk and protective factors for substance abuse and other health behaviors by providing children with information on healthy choices. The program aims to help children understand the complexities of "health" and "healthy choices" by putting these abstract concepts into concrete terms they can understand. In HALO, health is defined as "growing bigger, stronger, and better able to think." The curriculum encourages healthy eating, exercise, and emotion recognition and educates children about the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) on the body. HALO provides learning opportunities for children through teacher- led, developmentally appropriate, and fun hands-on activities that involve educational songs, videos, group activities, and books. Parental involvement is facilitated through introductory and unit-specific letters that encourage at-home discussion and the practice of identifying and making healthy choices.

Last reviewed: 2023

Intended Outcomes:

Through the HALO program, children:

  • acquire a strengthened sense of self
  • learn to say "no" to things that are harmful
  • learn to recognize, label, and express feelings in appropriate ways
  • practice communication skills
  • obtain information about the harmful effects of tobacco and drugs
  • learn safety precautions for medicines
  • practice techniques to reduce stress
  • increase acceptance of cultural diversity

Continuum of Care:
Selective Prevention

Topic Areas:
Behavioral Health/Mental Health, Physical Health, Substance Use

Childhood (4-12), Early Childhood (0-3)

Geographic Locations:
Rural, Urban

Delivery Settings:
Community-Based, School-Based

Cultural Considerations:
No research found involving diverse populations

This program is for children in child-care settings who are 3 to 6 years old and their parents.

This program is delivered by child-care providers.

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