Harmony SEL

Harmony SEL is a social and emotional learning program for Pre-K-6 grade students, accessible online and at no cost. Harmony fosters knowledge, skills, and attitudes boys and girls need to develop healthy identities, create meaningful relationships, and engage productively by providing SEL learning resources, tools, and strategies.

This program is approved for WV Expanded School Mental Health.

Last reviewed: 2023

Intended Outcomes:

-Improved academic performance -Reduced problem behaviors -Improved school connectedness

Continuum of Care:
Universal Prevention

Topic Areas:
Behavioral Health/Mental Health, Disruptive Behaviors

Childhood (4-12)

Geographic Locations:
Rural, Urban

Delivery Settings:
Community-Based, School-Based, Virtual

Cultural Considerations:
A balanced amount of the research involved diverse populations

Students grades Pre-K through 6

There is no minimum credential requirement to implement this program.


Is Training Required?
Yes, see developer info

Who can provide the required training?
Please see the following site for more training information: https://www.harmonysel.org/training-support/

Program Costs (materials, training, etc.):

Program/Practice Website:

Relevant Published, Peer-Reviewed Research:

Morrison, J.R., Reilly, J. M., and Ross, S.M. (2019). Getting along with others as an educational goal: An implementation study of Sanford Harmony. Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching and Learning. Vol 12, 1 16-34.

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Morrison, J., Zoccola, M., Yoder, N. Ross, S., Reilly, J. (n.d) Year Two of Harmony SEL Demonstrated Increased Implementation and Improved Student Outcomes: Research brief of the evaluation study of the Harmony SEL showcase schools. Johns Hopkins School of Education and Harmony Social and Emotional Learning.
Retrieved from: https://online.harmonysel.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Harmony-SEL_Year-Two-Evaluation-Study_Research-Brief.pdf?_ga=2.172665507.1429240100.1671045803-135872096.1671045803

Morrison, J, Latham, G., Ross, S., and Zoccola M. Educators Across the Country Find Value in Harmony SEL: Findings from a Broad Usage Survey. Johns Hopkins School of Education and Harmony Social and Emotional Learning. Retrieved from:

Additional Sources:


Promising rating

WV Rating:
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Rationale for Rating:

Due to lack of a body of research, we can rate no higher than promising. Studies were quasi experimental. We recommend further peer-reviewed research.

Contraindications or Concerns:
None identified

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Not On Registry

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